Jesus Loves Us

As our Toddler church journey through Easter has continued, one thing I’ve found difficult is thinking about how to talk about certain parts of it in a way that makes sense to Toddlers, and that isn’t going to scare them. The main problem has been this week, when we were looking at Good Friday. This was another one that I wasn’t leading myself but was led by another member of the leadership team. The book that we use had the heading “Jesus Loves Us”, so that was the approach we used. She started off by talking about her teddy, and asking if the children had teddies that they love, and that they like to cuddle them before going to bed. You could see them all grinning as they thought about them. She then used this to go on to talk about how much Jesus loves us. I think the reason why he loves us went over their heads a little bit, but as long as they went away knowing that Jesus loves them, that’s the main thing.

We sang ‘Jesus loves me this I know’ for the song during worship. Quite an old one, but still works. The activity they then moved on to was making cards. The option given by the book was getting them to scribble with white crayon onto a heart shaped piece of paper, and then paint over the top and reveal the scribble. I can’t remember what the point of that was, but that would also have worked- just maybe not kept them entertained that long. So the cards they ended up making had a heart cut out of the front, and they then stuck a piece of paper behind with the words to ‘Jesus loves me’. They then decorated the front, and the inside of the card with stickers and drawings. The idea was that they could give them to the people they love, so a few of the children turned them into mothers day cards.

finished card



Next week we’re moving onto the Resurrection. Toddlers are very advanced, having had Jesus come back to life before he’s even died for the rest of the church!

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