Gone fishing

We’ve had a weird few weeks in Toddler church leading up to half term. We were finishing up looking at the Bible Heroes we starting exploring last term, but there were a couple of odd sessions at the end of the term that we had to fill. We could have gone off and found some minor prophets, but instead we decided to look at the early church. Last week we were talking about secret symbols, and made paper chains- initially fish but we got a bit carried away and ended up making all sorts of things. We had some crosses but also ended up with people, birthday cake, angels, stars and flowers:

paper chains

paper chains

Another week we talked about Mary and Martha, and as they were entertaining Jesus and, Martha at least, was cooking, we thought we’d get the kids doing something with food. As most of them are only 3 and we don’t have an oven (our kitchen is specifically a food preparation area, not a kitchen), we were content to decorate some little cakes:

fairy cakes

But another week we told the story of Peter not being able to catch any fish until Jesus came along and helped him, then invited him to fish for people instead, so he left his nets and became a disciple- obviously at a very basic level. We thought it might confuse the little ones talking about catching people, so instead for the craft we focused on the fisherman aspect of the story, and made a fishing game. I had great fun putting this one together, and the kids seemed to enjoy it as well.

I started off by getting a shoe box and painting the inside blue, then adding some green seaweed sneaking up the edges: that box became my fish tank. I made fishing rods by glue-ing some paper streamers onto the end of wooden garden canes, and then glue-ing a small magnet onto the other end of the streamer. I was nervous about the strength of PVA glue to keep the whole lot together so I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to use superglue. Not only was it completely unnecessary, as everything was so light it would have stuck together quite happily; I managed to get super glue all over my fingers and it didn’t come off for days. If you decide to do this, don’t use super glue.

The final step was the fish. I just printed out some fish templates from a google search onto some card, and cut them out before the session. The kids (and mums) had great fun decorating them. We had lots of nicely coloured in fish, as well as some star fish (stars stuck on), and flying fish (feathers stuck on). When they’d finished decorating them they gave them so googley eyes (yes it does look a bit creepy), and put paper clips on their noses. They then had a little game where they had to try and ‘catch’ the fish from the tank by using the magnet on the rod to attract to the paperclip. A few of them went home with their rods and fish to carry on playing with their siblings when they got home.

Fishing game

Fishing game

We have a week off for half term now, but when we go back we’ll  be starting our gingerbread nativity in the run up to Christmas! Very excited about baking every week so stay tuned to see how the nativity progresses

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