Run, run as fast as you can (mind the pacing!)

Most of you who know me well will know that the mere thought of exercise brings me out in a cold sweat! But as many of you will know, earlier this year in Steve’s community, we lost a beautiful little girl Erin from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). At the time the best source of information we could find on this was published by The Lullaby Trust. This charity supports families who have lost children, supports families as they have future children (with monitors), offer days out to families who have lost children and invests a huge amount in research to try and reduce the number of children who sadly die each year. Since the loss of Erin, we have been made aware of others in our friendship groups and parishes who have also lost children, which we were completely unaware of. Because of this we have decided to try and raise as much money as possible for the Lullaby Trust. To do that me and Steven will be doing various fundraising events leading up to April next year with the hope of raising £5000. This money will train 25 A&E staff in how best to support families when a baby dies suddenly and unexpectedly and also provide 450 information packs to raise awareness of safe sleep messages among young parents.
Our fundraising will culminate in something that scares the life out of both of us! Running the 2016 London Marathon. For two people who don’t even run to the car in the rain, this is an absolutely massive thing! Dont take my word for it…instead listen to Stephen Fry. If you see me running around the Parish…please be nice…..and please give generously here!


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