Today was a fairytale

Over the last few months, specifically since March, which is 6 months and completely rubbish, I’ve been really bad at blogging. There have been a couple of blog posts that I’ve been thinking about writing but never got round to. My last post was about preparing to run the London Marathon. That happened, back in […]

A beautiful wedding

I realise I haven’t blogged for a while, I’ve been mega busy and the problem is that I now have a list of things to blog. But I thought I’d begin with the wedding of my lovely friend Alex Grace in Tenby a few weeks ago. The background to the wedding is important to appreciate […]

3 Combes, 1 Stow and a whole lot of Simpsons

You may have noticed that I’ve been pretty quiet for the last week and that’s because I’ve been on holiday-Yay!!!!! My Dad’s side of the family were invited down to Cornwall to Treglos hotel to celebrate my Grandparents 60th Wedding anniversary. Treglos is a lovely hotel near Padstow, and we were really lucky that the […]

Sammy the Hedgehog

Today the definite highlight (not that filling in portfolio forms isn’t exciting) has been the arrival of this little guy in my garden:   I noticed him ambling around when I went to put the kettle on, then of course got very excited because I didn’t know I had hedgehogs in my garden. So I […]